CHILL OUT (mother pupper!)

CHILL OUT (mother pupper!)


Chill Out is an organic, all-natural blend of carefully selected ingredients. This natural calming roll-on is specially formulated to help provide a sense of peace + tranquility, whatever the situation may be.

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Chill Out uses: Separation-anxiety when you leave the house. Overly excited about life. Nervousness when riding in the car. Apprehension about going to the dog park. Agitation with meeting new dogs. Distress when strangers come over. Just wanting your dog to take a chill-pill + settle down for the night.

Chill Out ingredients: Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Restful Blend (Serenity) essential oil. Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Grounding Blend (Balance) essential oil.

Fractionated coconut oil is a colorless + odorless carrier oil that increases essential oil distribution while leaving the skin + fur feeling smooth + soft, not greasy. It readily absorbs into the skin + does not clog pores, making it ideal for topical delivery.

Serenity has a calming + relaxing aroma that provides a balanced + tranquil feeling. It has the ability to lessen feelings of tension + calm emotions when in stressful situations or even just dealing with daily stressors.

Balance creates a sense of calm + well-being. It promotes tranquility + relaxation while bringing harmony to the mind + body. This blend eases feelings of anxiousness while also have a grounding/balancing effect on emotions.


Chill Out application: Apply to pet diffuser tag or inside collar (discoloration may occur). Roll on hands + give a relaxing ear rub. Rub any excess product down their back for added comfort + support. Shake well before each use.

Essential oil basics: Powerful + safe without side effects. 50-70x more powerful than herbs. Unlike antibiotics, essential oils penetrate cell membranes. Use dōTERRA essential oils aromatically, topically, + internally. DōTERRA essential oils are the most tested + most trusted on the market.

Tips for using essential oils with dogs: Dogs tolerate essential oils well, but dosage varies with dog size. Start small then add more. Avoid eyes.

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