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Advanced Natural Solutions - Meditation

  • 3605 Pagoda Drive Arlington, TX, 76017 United States (map)

Now you know what essential oils are, how to use them, and why it’s important to switch to a natural, healthy way of life. YAY!!! But how the heck are you supposed to use these products in everyday life?!! Don’t worry! If you’re wanting to dive deeper into a natural lifestyle, learn how to use the products you ordered, or just want to have some fun with fellow oilers, we’ve got you covered! Join us for an Advanced Natural Solutions Class.

Have you ever felt disconnected or unable to control your circumstances? Thanks to this fast-paced, hectic world, do you feel uprooted and unsure of yourself, with a mile long to-do-list and uncertain priorities?!! If you answered “YES”, you are preaching to the choir!

Proper meditation and aromatherapy can help create a new sense of peace and purpose, showing powerful effects on human emotions. Learn to trust in yourself, feel relaxed, and stay engaged. Leave this class with the ability to calm your mind and energize your body.

This class is designed to help you stay connected to yourself, your environment, your personal goals, and your daily activities.

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In this class, we will address the following questions:

  1. How do I properly meditate with aromatherapy?

  2. What doTERRA products aid in my personal meditation?

  3. Why are meditation and aromatherapy important to my overall health?

In this class we will also:

  • Share proper ways to meditate using aromatherapy.

  • Discuss how balance, through aromatherapy and meditation, can help manage negative side effects from daily life.

  • Use the oils topically, aromatically, and internally as a class.

  • Address your meditation goals to pick the best products for you.

  • Have ample time for Q&A!

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