The High Cost of Cheap Essential Oils

Don't be fooled by Amazon retailers, name brand stores, and other individuals who offer essential oils at low prices or even if they charge the same price for all of their oils. (HELLO? RED FLAG MUCH?!!) The only way to purchase an essential oil is through the most tested and most trusted company in the world… And that is doTERRA.

It's important to know where the essential oils are sourced when you purchase a bottle. Is it sourced from where it’s naturally grown? Is it harvested at the right time? And who does the purity testing? Is it the company itself or do they have an unbiased, third party test each batch?

Yes, some essential oils are easier to produce than others, but every oil requires a large amount of plant matter to produce a small amount of essential oil. This means that good quality essential oils will never be cheap. Period. End of story.

It’s comforting to know that when you invest in Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (CPTG), they are so highly concentrated that very little is required for most applications. Even an “expensive” oil can end up being cost effective in the long run! We’re talking cents per drop, people!

Your olfactory nerve is a very reliable source when discerning between genuine and synthetic essential oils. So use it! There’s no way that the “100% Pure” Lavender essential oil that you find at target is equivalent to the CPTG Lavender essential oil you’ll get from doTERRA. Once you experience the best, you'll never be able to accept the fragrance or the results of a cheap essential oil.

Without a doubt, genuine essential oils are pricier than adulterated/manipulated oils. Keep this in mind when making your essential oil choices for you, your family, and your pets - the most expensive oils are also the most potent, providing a myriad of benefits but needing very little to achieve results.