Natural Scratch Remover for All Wood Surfaces

It's no guess that we have two dogs and a toddler when you come into the house. And it's not because there's a smell, lots of noise, or a hot mess. (Okay, there's typically a day-old mess and ALWAYS a lot of noise! Haha.) You can tell we have a tiny herd of pups and kiddos running around because of the scratches on our hardwood floors. This DIY was a floor saver! Hey, and it doesn't hurt that it can help deodorize the smell of wet dogs or poopy diapers! The aroma of the lemon juice and lime essential oil do a pretty good job at masking the vinegar smell.

Here's a natural scratch remover for all things wood-surfaces:

2 teaspoons of lemon juice (NOT your essential oil!)

1 teaspoon of distilled white vinegar

2 drops of lime essential oil

Mix your ingredients into a small glass bowl. Dip a dry cloth into the solution and rub onto your scratched up wood surfaces. Rub on superficial scratches until they disappear or on the deeper scratches until they are managed. Buff away any residue with a new dry cloth.

before and after.png

Voila! Your floors look OILMAAAZING!


NOTE: I typically double the formula so I can cover more ground in one sitting. Some of the deeper scratches need a little more TLC than others. Just to be clear, this doesn't get RID of the scratches but it does help minimize their appearance. The more superficial they are, the more they'll disappear.