Mid-Day Slump Booster Blend

You know those days... It's right after lunch and you have a deadline coming in hot but it's difficult to keep your eyes open. Or your little one just won't take the hint that you need an afternoon nap too! Maybe you pulled an all-nighter studying for that final exam and now that the time's come, your eyelids feel like a bazillion pounds! Don't fret my friends. We've got you covered with this mid-day slump booster with doTERRA essential oils!


Combine the following essential oils in a 15 mL roller bottle:

15 drops peppermint

20 drops wild orange

Apply to the back of your neck and rub up into the base of your head. Then, roll across your forehead near your hairline and take a big whiff!

Peppermint and Wild Orange combined are fabulous for studying. That's not just for school-aged ladies and gents! You can be studying up on report for work, studying essential oils, doing a homework assignment, and the list goes on! This combo is also fabulous for staying alert and just really great for those days you just want to snooze while on the job! 

Peppermint essential oil: helps make you alert, gives you energy, and aids with memory issues.

Wild Orange essential oil: helps unwind the mind, gets those creative juices flowing, and aids in better concentration.