3-Ingredient Natural Makeup Brush Cleaner

If you have little ones like my Liam, they will find your makeup bag, take out all of your makeup brushes, and carry them all over the house. While they're taking them to and fro, they'll rub the soft bristles all over their face and stick the bristles in their mouth. So you want to be sure to clean them often with kid-friendly cleaner. This DIY is so easy and safe for your babes!


  1. Pour 2 tablespoons FCO into glass bowl/cup

  2. Add 5 drops each of Grapefruit + Melaleuca essential oil

  3. Dip makeup brush and swirl around for about 30 seconds

  4. Rub in circular motion on the palm of your hand to get extra makeup out

  5. Rinse the makeup brush under warm, running water and squeeze bristles until the water runs clear. (Sometimes you will have to repeat the steps to get all makeup out of the larger, more frequently used brushes.) Be sure to point your makeup brushes down in the running water. You don't want the glue to loosen!

  6. Blot/rub brushes on a dry towel and let dry for 4+ hours

** NOTE: I let my makeup brushes dry over night and was able to use most of them the next day. The larger brushes needed to be run under water again because there was still a lot of EO on the bristles. I didn't want my makeup sticking to my freshly cleaned brushes nor did I want my face to look oily! **