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Sean & Chelsea Evans

We're so glad you're interested in natural solutions for you, your family, and your pets! We are Gold doTERRA leaders. We advocate for a healthy lifestyle and all-natural solutions for everyone we meet! Yes, that means you!

We are the pawrents of instafamous pointers, Abbie and Gunner (@abbieandgunner), the proud parents of the sweetest, most adorable little boy, Liam, and enthusiastic health and wellness gurus for doTERRA.

We've had great success with essential oils and changing the lives of our family for the better. We've saved thousands of dollars by changing from the traditional medical mindset to a more natural way of living. We want to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle, monetary gain, and a greater zest for life.

If you have health concerns/goals, are interested in an additional income, want to talk dogs or babies, or are just curious about the oils, please email us at info@dirtydogoils.com. We'd love to hear from you!